Tile and Grout Cleaning – How to Do It Right

Cleaning of tiles and grout can be extremely difficult. Every business and home owner can agree that regular cleaning of the tiles and grout using home methods such as mopping does not do the trick. This is because the tile surfaces and grouts often have stubborn dirt that has settled on them.

To get to know more about how to clean the tiles and grout using homemade ingredients, read more throughout the article. You can do the whole process of cleaning the tiles or you can simply go online and look for cleaning professionals who can do it for you. When choosing for these cleaners it will often depend on your choice preference.

Before you start cleaning, ensure that you have conducted pre-tests to know the types of tiles in your home so that you can be sure of safe and great results. When choosing the homemade solutions that you will use to clean, try not mixing different cleaning solutions because some may turn out to be very harmful and toxic.

For those cleaning at home, you can use oxygenated bleach. First take two tablespoons of the oxygenated bleach and dissolve it with two cups of warm water. It is good to make the solution hours before you start cleaning. Mix it well until the solution is completely activated. This bleach is very gentle for any type of tile.

Then test a specific corner of the grout before you start cleaning. Sometimes the tiles can be bleached by oxygen bleach. So try with a hidden place to know if it is appropriate for your floor. When you are completely sure that it is good for your tiles, pour enough amount of bleach on to the grout to fully cover it. Clean one section at a time to avoid wetness all over the floor.

When scrubbing, use a bristle brush. After you pour the solution wait for some minutes to ensure it gets into the grout really well. Scrub back and forth. As you go on, deep the brush into the solution to intensify the cleaning power. Then rinse the tiles using clean water and mop it dry. To view the step by step photos on this procedure you can simply click here.

Well this is just one of the methods that you can use to clean your grout and tiles. For more tips and ways to clean these places you can visit this site and read more articles on cleaning.