How to Clean a Carpet Effectively

Carpet Cleaning is an essential undertaking for a conducive environment. Regular carpet maintenance helps remove the accumulated dirt which not only leads to untidy environment but also may cause illnesses such as allergy if not cleaned. To clean a carpet more thoroughly, here is a summary of the steps to use: 

 The first step is sweeping the carpet- to help in removing dirt on the carpet and lift carpet fibers, you can sweep the carpet using a broom but such broom should be the right for the respective carpet. This means that depending on the type of the carpet, use a broom that is soft to avoid causing heavy scratches to the carpet.
After sweeping, you can sprinkle stain remover on the carpet or any desired powder depending on how dirty the carpet is or the extent of stains in the carpet. To remove stains, you may use such chemicals as vinegar or in case you want to remove undesired stenches you may use baking soda. Read more here

After sprinkling the carpet, leave it for a while to give the stain remover time to soften the stain and get rid of the stenches. You can leave it for around thirty minutes but a longer period is desired for it work more effectively.  

Clean the carpet using a carpet cleaner. In this step, you can use a detergent in case you don't have the carpet cleaner and in cases where detergents are undesired, you may use hot water.  

While cleaning the carpet, avoid making it overly wet because this leads to a requirement of more detergent and also will lengthen the carpet's drying time.  

Leave the carpet to dry and avoid any interference that may end up making it dirty before it dries.  

To sum up the cleaning process, vacuum the carpet after drying to remove any detergents remains. Check this site for more information.